• Colour-changing LED effects at the Fantasy Fountain, Magic Water Circuit, Lima.

  • MetaLicht, by Mischa Kuball, a skyline celebration using white LED tubes, at the Bergische University Wuppertal, Germany.

  • Code (v2) cinema presentation, Beijing, by Laurens Tan.

  • Mer-veille by Yann Kersalé, at MuCEM in Marseille, architect Rudy Ricciotti. Photo Matthieu Colin.

  • rocklights by Ingo Bracke, projected on a historic sandstone roadway vault, for Sydney's 2009 Vivid festival, photo Matt Flynn.

  • Aspire light trees by Warren Langley, clustered in the Pyrmont underpass of a Sydney motorway.

  • Crystallized, a pixel screen by Andrew Daly and Katharine Fife.

SuperLux is a new international book and Sydney exhibition celebrating recent milestones and triumphs of the global 'Smart Light' movement: using eco-ethical ideas and efficient digital systems to reinvent art, design and architecture for cities at night.  The book and exhibition involve leaders of the team which created the world's first 'Smart Light' festivals; held in Sydney and Singapore from 2009 to 2012.  As a contribution to the United Nations (UNESCO) International Year of Light 2015, this website explains:

SuperLux Book

SuperLux: Smart Light Art, Design and Architecture for Cities, edited by Davina Jackson, is the world’s first comprehensive monograph surveying recent milestones and triumphs using digital systems for lighting urban environments. The book’s three main pictorial sections focus on projects… Read More »

SuperLux Exhibition

The SuperLux: Smart Light Cities exhibition is being shown at Sydney’s Customs House from 3 September to 17 October 2015. Curated by Davina Jackson and Mike Day, and visualised by Deuce Design with Mind Console, it includes new lightworks around… Read More »

Smart Light Festivals

Three Smart Light celebrations – held in Sydney and Singapore from 2009 to 2012  – activated global excitement about applying eco-ethical concepts and new digital networking systems to creatively illuminate cities at night. Developed by Australian light art engineer Mary-Anne… Read More »