SuperLux Exhibition

The SuperLux: Smart Light Cities exhibition is being shown at Sydney’s Customs House from 3 September to 17 October 2015. Curated by Davina Jackson and Mike Day, and visualised by Deuce Design with Mind Console, it includes new lightworks around the historic sandstone building and multimedia displays of recent urban lighting triumphs from other cities globally. 

Here’s a guide to the main elements of the show, and where to find them:


Nocturnal Nuances (Main entrance facade, at night)

Galaxia 3 (Customs House Lane)

Radiant City (Atrium, city model, at night)

Twilight Garden (Front room)

Four Shore (Spiral staircase)

SuperLux (Main screen, Atrium)

Smart Light Cities (Media wall)

Architectural Light (Screen 1, left)

City Screens (Screen 2)

Transit Scenes (Screen 3)

Metroscapes (Screen 4)

Festivals | Fantasies (Screen 5)

Timeline of Luminous Structures (Screen 6)

Towers of Lustre (Atrium columns)



Monumental Movies (West wall and island cabinets)


The SuperLux exhibition is supported by Australian and international leaders of the United Nations’ International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, and is associated with the City of Sydney’s Art and About public art celebration during September 2015.